Local Moving Checklist

While the cheapest way to move is to hire your own truck, you can avoid the strained muscles and possible mishaps by hiring professional movers. If moving long distance, the least expensive option is to hire a van lines, however the quicker way is to hire a dedicated truck or trucks to move you out and head straight to your new home. Other modern alternatives include “you pack, we drive”, which takes all the fun out and the easy part out, driving the big moving truck, and there is the portable container alternative. Check with your homeowners association, many frown on the placement of moving containers in your driveway or front yard.

Mark the Mover provides a checklist for Atlanta Movers that is free to download and print.

Watch out for all inclusive low rate quotes, the contract will be strewn with loop-holes that allow the moving company to charge extras for weight, distance, stairs, etc.

Throw away stuff !!! Sort through and pitch, sell, or give to neighbors or charity, toss anything you haven’t used in 2 years. Hold a yard sale.

Buy packing supplies. While the home improvement stores sell a lightweight style of moving cartons at a very low price, their tape and padding materials are really overpriced. Check prices at U-Haul or at Mark the Mover, we sell a heavier grade of box that is more suited to packing household goods. We are also better able to provide you a complete set of packing supplies to prepare you for moving day. You can also get used boxes from local stores, or purchase them from moving companies. Moving companies often have uniform sizes which make packing the truck more predictable and trustworthy. Consider having the moving company doing your packing, they will assume liability for damage to household goods that they have packed when the proper valuation is applied.

Be there on moving day – Even at Mark the Mover we may have questions plus there will be paperwork that can be completed while the movers are handling your heavy household goods.